Image Capture Original Fine Art and Photographs for Restoration are captured by flatbed scanner or camera in the studio. They are captured either as a high resolution RAW or TIFF image for Fine Art Archival Pigment Prints and saved as a low resolution JPEG for web based applications such as e-mail or a low resolution JPEG image for web based applications only.The price depends on the size of the original and the high or low resolution.

Extra charge for frame removal.                                                        Low Resolution  $10-$20                             High Resolution $30-$60

Fine Art Color Correcting
Digitized Fine Art needs color correcting.  An original painting is comprised of many layers of paint. The scanner and camera see all the layers and digitize it all. Color correcting fine art means adjusting the file until it looks as much as possible like the artist intended.
Color Correcting is discriminating work and done by the hour.  ½ hour minimum                  $60 per hour

Photo Restoration
Photographs are first captured or digitized. The original photograph is unaltered. Tears, Creases, Holes, Dust, Scratches and other Missing Data can be mostly repaired depending on the extent of damage. Old photographs fade, most of the color can be brought back to life.
Photo Restoration can be time consuming and is done by the hour. ½ hour minimum.                                                $60 per hour

Wide Format 7800 Printer
Enhanced Matte, 300grm Watercolor, Self- Adhesive Vinyl, Canvas. Call for prices. 
                                           Freelance Photography
We can be hired by the hour for your family reunions and special events.  We can burn all the low resolution JEPG images to a disk for you without adjustments.                                                  2 hour minimum        $100 per hour        We also shoot in RAW format for Archival Pigment Prints                                                2 hour minimum       $100 per hour 
                                           Small Object Photography
Objects are photographed under studio lights inside a digitent.
Each price                                                                                            Low Resolution    $20                                                High Resolution    $40
Professional Gallery Wrap
We use high quality stretcher bars, 1.75" deep. Canvas is painted with UV-Resistant, moisture resistant, non-yellowing acrylic coating at no extra charge.                                                  $2. per linear inch
Acrylic texture coating also available. 
​All in All, I work for $1.00 a minute. 

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